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enabling Crossfire with R9 390 causes "no amd graphics drivers" error

Question asked by colt72108 on Mar 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by radeonr9_390_user

2x MSI R9 390

Asus crosshair V formula Motherboard


HX1000i 1000 watt PSU

Windows 10 64-bit


I just purchased another R9 390 graphics card last week. Exact same as the one I have installed. I performed a Clean uninstall of the drivers (with AMD cleaner, then DDU in safe mode), put the new graphics card into another pci x16 slot, installed the Crimson 16.3 drivers and everything worked perfectly.

I then opened the additional settings to enable the crossfire, clicked "enable crossfire" and apply. The drivers quit instantly and i get this error

Ive updated my motherboard bios, dowloaded the 15.3 driver and tried that one, and to no avail. I've downloaded the drivers using different Browsers, multiple times to see if i got a corrupt file, same effect every single time. I used DDU, AMD Cleanup Utility, AND The control panel Unistall, no difference (MANY times).

the "no AMD graphics driver" error comes up every time I try to open Radeon Settings, and the only way to get rid of it, is to remove one graphics card, and restart the computer.

To eliminate hardware, I put my known working graphics card in each pci slot, and both worked perfectly. i then put the new graphics card in each slot, both again worked perfectly. put both graphics cards in, and Im back at the 1st image, where Radeon Settings detects them both, but one is disabled.

I'm in an endless loop here. Any ideas? I've been on the forums for 2 days now searching for answers and trying to get this to work now