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Is there anyone at AMD that would care to answer to documentation requests (for Kabini)?

Question asked by brane212 on Mar 12, 2016

This has long passed the point of tolerable frustration.


Ive requested Kabini documentation ( datasheet, user manual etc) long ago and so far noone cared enough to give me any kind of answer, be it positive or negative.


I find it odd that AMD is shy of supporting public interest by documentation access, but even so,  one would expect to at least react by giving a response.


We fing small Athlon APUs, based on Jag+ core terribly cute and feel that exising boards simply do not do that APU a justice by exposing all of its capabilities and beauty.


We would like therefore roll our own board, but so far AMD has been silent on the matter.


We got to I guy that promised us a response that never came, so I don't know if it was meant as a silent "no" or is it that guy simply got canned or reassigned.