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    rise of tombraider(dx12) bad performance...


      Poor performance in DX12 to me. Anyway this game does not apply in the crossfire DX12, it shows lower performance than DX11 to me. (With 1gpu dx11: 40fps, dx12: 35fps)
      AMD still untested in the optimization of the dx12 rise of tombraider?


      ps. my system is 4790K+290 vapor cf

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          The games I am looking forward to are the games that require DX12...(that won't run at all under DX11)...because that means the game engine is built around D3d12 and should offer some nice feature and performance support.  OTOH,  games which only "support" D3d12 but are just as happy running under D3d11 or older, are hawking "DX12" more as a marketing exercise than anything else, imo.

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              Actually what you should avoid are Nvidia tagged games which tote DX12 support. that is just Nvidia-DX12, usually duck-patched in there to give Nvidia cards DX12-like features, which when used on AMD cards seem to produce poor performance. ROTTR and Gears of War 4, especially GeOW4, have you seen the controversy?