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    profiles for directx 9 games don't work, can't disable crossfire


      Still with the latest beta game profiles don't work. It seems to be with directx9 games.


      A profile for arma 3 seems to work and I can disable crossfire, but add any directx 9 game and the profiles don't work Crossfire stays enabled and I don't think any of the settings in the profiles work.


      Fresh Windows 10 install and only latest Crimson beta.


      Out of interest when I first installed windows 10 it installs a AMD driver automatically, this crashes to a black screen every time while installing during the windows update process. I have to reset the pc.

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          Profiles definitely not working with all directx 9 titles.




          Half Life 2

          X Rebirth


          no settings change anything in game using a profile for these games. Crossfire always is always on even when set to disabled.


          This seems to be with all drivers and that's why I have been having issues with these games stuttering and performing poorly.


          DX 10 and 11 seem to be working very well with the latest beta and profiles for these games work.


          R9 295x2


          Windows 10


          Also this website doesn't work properly with Edge. It freezes Edge and also does not allow me to change cursor position inside the boxes where I type for a reply. So I can only type at the end of the text.


          Internet explorer is fine


          Crossfire panel empty.JPG


          Also this panel is always now empty with the latest drivers where before it would have a box to tick to allow crossfire with non profiles. Is this right now?

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              Can someone who has an r9 295x2 test directx 9 game profiles to see if they can get them working in windows 10. All directx 9 games run very poorly, all stutter and have freezes and I can't disable crossfire at all in any of the directx 9 games. No profile settings work also with these games only dx 10 and 11.

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                  I have a feeling directx 9 and Amd drivers in Windows 10 is just broken. The games just don't run properly at all non of them and it could be this that is also causing other profile and crossfire issues.


                  This needs looking into as a matter of urgency as  of right now all AMD drivers are broken in some respect in Windows 10 for my card. It simply isn't good enough. Considering my gtx 680 works perfectly in Windows 10 for directx 9 games.

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                      Testing dx 9 games running Radeon pro and you can get the crossfire to disable but it still isn't acting correctly. The card usage and temps for both cards don't match what is happening. Card two gets hotter than card one even though it is set to be off and does not show usage. The fan shows it is set to 20% for card one and 100% for card two even though I have only one fan on the r9 295x2 so the card and the info is not matching and not working as it should.


                      The clocks still downclock and fluctuate when you do disable crossfire using radeon pro even though they were supposed to be fixed so they obviously are not for dx 9


                      The games themselves don't work properly and have all sorts of issues such as stuttering and hitching, wildly fluctuating fps and usage that's spikes up and down from 0 to 100 constantly. All  these games ran perfectly on the same card in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1


                      Disabling crossfire still makes the clocks downclock and fluctuate but only with dx 9 now


                      Downgrading to pre Crimson drivers do not fix the issue once you have installed a Crimson driver, even fully un installing them does not fix the issues.


                      Pre Crimson drivers still do not work properly with DX 9 games at all in Windows 10 while Nvidia cards work fine. I have tested a couple cards now in two systems and the result is the same.


                      These issues are exclusive to AMD drivers and Windows 10 as Windows 7 and 8 all work perfectly with m7 r9 295x2.


                      Crossfire, profiles and the panel program itself must be all broken still.

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                          R295x2 here, and am getting same results. Before 16.3 (All Crimson were broken) I could not run DX9 and 11 games in full screen, so I had to run windowed mode which disables CrossFire and allowed the games to launch. When I made my own profile for a DX9 or DX11 game, the performance was terrible, and I also noticed the second core got hotter as well. 16.3 gets me where I can run DX9 and 11 games in full screen, however the profiles either don't seem to apply or help at all, as I am either seeing flickering, or terrible performance with Crossfire. I ran 3DMark FireStrike with 16.3 drivers, got a score of 12k or so, went back to 15.11.1 and got about 17.5k, so there is obviously a huge performance impact with the crimson drivers, I am not sure if its downclocking, profiles not being applied properly (or at all) or something else, but I have not had a very good experience with this card. I would like to leverage the later Crimson drivers as they have some nice features such as the frame rate control going past 95, etc.



                          5930k @ 4.5ghz

                          XFX r295x2

                          32GB DDR4

                          1300 evga psu

                          asus x-99a

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                              I Have found that even the drivers before Crimson also have troubles with directx 9 games with windows 10. There is crossfire issues and fluctuating clocks with the earlier drivers, which AMD keeps saying is not there, but it is.  It may be only on our r9 295x2 but it is there. Non of these issues were there on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and the direct x 9 issues are not there on Nvidia using Windows 10 as I have tested a few now.


                              It is simply AMD drivers and windows 10.


                              My card has gone from being one of the best cards I have had in previous Windows to useless in Windows 10. There has to be some fundamental errors in the code for these drivers as its not just little niggling issues in games they are not working properly at all. Something is not right with how crossfire is working now and definatly huge directx 9 issues. I just really hope these drivers aren't damaging our cards or pc's. I do believe that the Crimson drivers should be pulled from the site until they are fit to be used as they are simply not.

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                        I'm having the same problem enabling crossfire on my HD 7990. The option comes up and I click enable it and it disappears. Nothing happens and the option to enable crossfire reappears after I go in and out a couple of times in the settings. It's defiantly broken. Even with the 16.3.1 Hotfix driver. I have had nothing but issues for a long time with crossfire. I hope AMD are actually working on this. Kind of annoying when you have a dual card and I can't utilize it...



                        This is after I enable it and the option disappears..


                        The process starts all over again repeating it self with the option of crossfire not enabled at all......


                        I have sent a report in. Hope this helps towards a solution.

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                            In the latest drivers my crossfire screen is always blank. It only has something in that tab in pre crimson drivers.


                            Using gpuz I noticed it actually has the two different cards in the r9 295x2 have different memory info and ulps is enabled on one but not the other.


                            I think the crimson drivers are mucking up how power and how windows 10 uses crossfire cards especially the two cards on one board like the r9 295x2.


                            I also noticed the fan also goes up and down randomly which it does not do on other drivers. My cards temps are always low as I have another fan on the radiator even on full load the temps never go above 60-65.


                            I have sent a report in as the Windows 10 drivers for the r9 295x2 are totally broken. I really hope what ever is going on is not damaging my pc as I have a feeling the drivers are mucking up everything from power allocation to how crossfire is being managed.


                            Dx 9 games simply don't work as they should. Crossfire on my card is not working correctly. I can't disable crossfire in dx 9 titles at all using profiles, infact no settings in the profiles change anything in dx 9 games. Amd's own ccc panel simply does not work. There are always missing settings from the crossfire panel and the profiles don't work. This is with a fresh Install of windows 10 from a wiped drive too.


                            Using Radeon pro I eventually get crossfire to disable for a dx 9 game after running a certain game, xrebirth which for some starnge reason triggers the drivers to then get crossfire to disable, but you can tell something is not right. The card that gets disabled actually gets hotter than the card than is getting the usage load. The usage also spikes up and down from 100 to 0 constantly. The drivers are not running the two cards in the r9 295x2 properly. DX 9 games seem to be totally broken in all windows 10 drivers from AMD. I have tested a couple NVidia cards now and they work fine in dx 9 games.


                            Windows 10 is the current Windows and it is the OS people will be using. AMD drivers are forcing people to go back to win 8 and 7. Microsoft should be forcing AMD to sort this mess out.

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                          I'm having almost the same problem.


                          When I play games with directx 9 in fullscreen mode, the screen flashes and turns to black and i can't see anything. So, I have to disable crossfire to play the game.

                          Assassin's Creed Brotherhood uses directx 9, according to http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Assassin

                          The same problem happens to StarCraft II. I have to disable crossfire to play. But, if I play in windowed mode, i don´t need to disable crossfire, although the game is not at crossfire mode.  According to wiki, Starcraft II is also directx 9 and 10.

                          To play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, you don't have the option to windowed mode, so i have always to disable crossfire.


                          All others games with directx 11 is all ok! Games that uses directx 11, this problem doesn't appear and crossfire mode is always enabled.

                          I'm using (had installed) the most updated Crimson software. Crossfire with 2 Radeon 5870 from powercolor. Windows 7 64bit. Phenon II x6 1090T. 8GB.


                          I hope AMD brings the solution to this issue.