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Crimson doesn't detect temperature of graphics card and sets fans to 100%

Question asked by crazyzooka on Mar 12, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2016 by crazyzooka

Hey everyone,

Recently whilst playing a game that my graphics card is capable of running of, Crimson decided to set the fan speed to 100% in the middle of a game. I check it and my graphic card's temperature is said to be 0% with the automatic fan speed to 100%. I'm not sure what caused it, it just happened suddenly out of no where. Before that, everything was normal.

I've tried to restart my computer, and reinstalling the drivers, but it still says that my graphics card's Temp is at 0%. However, I'm still able to play games, so I'm not sure if its because it isn't properly connected to the socket or not.

My graphics card is a HD7770, and I'm running version 15.12 of Crimson.




Woops, got confused between gpu and graphics card.