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    Unreal Engine 4 Games Minimize upon Launch


      Does anyone else have this problem?


      I can only really play games using the unreal 4 engine if I run them in windowed mode. If they are in fullscreen they will minimize upon launching the game and refuse to maximize sometimes, or they will minimize when I alt tab. In both scenarios my monitor drops to 60hz.

      I have reported this to amd a couple times now and tried to make a thread on the unreal forums about it.  The only other game I have seen this on was "The Division" Beta.

      I do not have teamviewer installed on my computer.



      Win 10 x64

      Asrock x99m/3.1

      intel 5820k

      Sapphire r9 fury

      Amd Catalyst 16.3 driver

      Asus MG279Q via Mini Displayport


      AMD UE4 Bug Fullscreen 144hz - YouTube

      UT AMD BUG - YouTube