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Are you having a laugh? Flickering Crossfire in The Division

Question asked by ximox on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by amdmatt

You release an hotfix 4 days after the biggest release of the year and it doesn't fix the only massively serious problem it has? I understand how hard it is to dedicate development resources to test drivers before releases and collaborate with game developers for the few important releases there are in one year, as probably some sponge-like management team sucks all the funds on their not deserved wages and bonuses instead of investing them on this unimportant details. Let me tell you something, AMD could be twice the company it is if it just would provide a decent service to the users who are spending loads of money on hardware which punctually doesn't work on release of games and really ruins the pleasure and excitement of a game release. I havent been able to play the Division yet as I refuse to play it on a single core, with low graphics and FPS while my Nvidia or single core friends level up happily and I am the idiot that spent twice the money for nothing. Last AMD I am buying and I will make sure everybody I know will do the same. this is not funny anymore, Thanks.