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Windows 7 64bit,SP1 Spyware issue.Need alternatives.

Question asked by warsun on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by ray_m

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The problem i have is i do not have Service pack 1.I installed it one time an ran my Anti Windows Spyware Program.An it removed it.I installed SP1 again.Ran my Anti Spyware from Windows Program again.It removed SP1 yet again.So i did some checking.An found this.

( Link ).So we have a problem here.I cannot see the directory for Crimson control center.An now i cant make any changes.An trust me.I do want to use Vulkan.In fact we have been begging for this forever.So is there an alternative to installing Windows 10 which is 99.8% Spyware from multiple countries private militarily security firms,an other governments who are nameless who you don't know who is watching you.An now Windows Service Pack 1.


    If possible can you give just me a version of Crimson that does not use SP1 like previous versions of Drivers please?One that uses Vulkan?