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    AMD R9 Radeon 380 Series - Crash Black Screen



      When I'm uing Unity Engine and move the camera in viewport my graphic card stopped working and crash.

      Then 2 cases appears :


      - Sometimes I get a black screen for 3 seconds and Windows come back.

        But Unity get totally stuck and doesn't work at all. (and I have to redo my work in Unity)


      - And mainly my PC get a full black screen and I cannot do anything else (But I can still hear the music

        on youtube running. "I suppose only the screen is crashing").

        Then I have to force restart my computer and lose all my work.


      I tried to use the Radeon Software Version 16.3 but without success.


      Anyone know any fix about this?


      My PC config :

      Windows Version : Windows 10 (64 bit)

      Core Clock : 1010 MHz

      Memory Clock : 1450 MHz

      Graphics Chipset : AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series

      CPU Type : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz

      System Memory : 16 GB - GDDR5

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          ahh the old faithfull black screen crash shows its ugly face on yet another game/engine. r9 is broken beyond belief and amd are keeping very quiet about it.. gg

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            Try to close the power efficiency from the global settings.Hope it works.

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              I have the same problem with my R9 380 Nitro but it happens randomly no matter what I am doing. Black Screen but the PC doesn't crash forces a hard reboot. After original install I didn't notice it happen but after the latest updates around March 28 2016 it's constantly happening. I have disabled the efficiency feature, not overclocking and I find it self-defeating if I have to downclock something to get it to work properly.  This new Crimson software is horrible and I have no idea how it's being raved about, many of the features I used in Catalyst are not available and now you have to open two separate programs in order to get all the adjustment options? Oh yes and the Mouse over tells you what the title of most options are, there is no need to tell us what it is twice, the mouse over is to describe the option. Never had this problem with my HD 5570 which I upgraded from. I'm building a higher end unit and if this issue isn't addressed I will be going with something other than AMD as will my brother who is also in the middle of a build which is sad because I have used their products for a long time but now with great disappointment.

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                I had the same problem I tried everything. I finally got it to stop crashing by setting the Frame Rate Control to my monitors Mhz setting (120Mhz)  Gigabyte R9 380 G1 Gaming 8GB /  LG 24GM77 @120 Mhz (display port) It used to black screen within five minutes after starting a Unity game. Now it's been almost a week and it runs great. Tested on Crimson 16.3.2 through 16.6.1 

                I have Power Efficiency off in Global settings 

                I use ClockBlocker  and  RadeonMod  but I tried without these and still no problem. 

                Hope this helps