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    Frame Drops CSGO 16.3


      Hey, sorry for my Bad Englisch.


      So i have updated to Crimson 16.3 and since the update i had extremely Frame Drops in CS:GO. I Play for like 30 Min and my Frames are on 250 FPS(Frame Lock) and then BAMM Down to 25 max. 30 FPS and its stuttering as well .. only a Restart helps. The Temps are at Max. 65 Grad


      My System Specs are

      CPU: Intel Core i5-4440 3,1 GHz

      GPU: XFX R9 280X OC

      Ram: 8Gib

      OS: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit + Latest updates

      PSU: Corsair CX 430 80+

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          Got this problem on 16.2.1. FPS drops fro 230+ down to 10FPS. But have not experience the problem for second day today after hard gaming.

          There is a work around on this problem when I encountered on 16.2.1 Just toggle to windows screen and back to game screen immediately.

          Now gaming will resume. I did not reset PC.

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              This helps ... but from time to time its annoying

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                  Nice to know it helps. Though annoying, it is still better than to reset PC and got discontinued from the current game that you are playing.


                  Honestly, I have not seem any company releasing so many fixed in a short 2 months period. Think at least 6-8 of them.

                  No point pointing fingers at AMD. If AMD do not value us as their loyal customer, AMD would have just leave the issues one side and moved on.

                  But AMD did not abandon us. AMD try fixing all the issues to satisfy all of us. Give AMD time. AMD has to fix both new and old hardware issues as well as both older and newer Windows OS.

                  Be fair to AMD.


                  I have all the latest latest hardware and software and I do not encounter as much problem reported in the community.