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HD 5470: black screen - win 10

Question asked by alfox on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by maxhardy


I have a great problem with my HP G62 b26SL notebook.

This pc has a Ati Hd 5470 (with 512 mb) vga.


After the upgrade to win 10 the vga  is not recognized, so I removed the driver and I tried to install the vga driver by HP support (version for Win 7).


Before install these drivers, I setted the compatibility with Win7 as this guide AMD Switchable Graphics not working in Windows 10 (HP Pavilion - Microsoft Community


But During the installation , appears a blu screen and the pc restarted.  After the log in, I only can see a black screen and I can't do anything.


Help me please