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Fallout 4 Crossfire - Still Performing Extremely Poorly

Question asked by salamand3r on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by cgoffroadinc

I do appreciate that fact that you finally released a Crossfire profile for Fallout 4, I really do.


However, my question is, why?  Is it just to tick a check box?


Currently, for myself and a lot of others (in fact, I daresay everyone I have contact with that has a Crossfire setup), the performance scaling is negative - like, really negative.  On the order of a 50% plus reduction in FPS in some areas, and no less than 10% in general.  Note that all of these instances are on Hawaii GPUs - I don't know if effects other GPUs.


So my question is - is there some setting in the game that is messing with this? I've tried virtually every combination of settings to help the poor Crossfire profile out, but Fallout 4 on minimal settings at 1080p still runs worse on my R9 290s with CFX enabled than it does on a single 290 at 1440p with everything set to max.  At 1440p, the 290 (and yes, it is overclocked, 1220mHz core/1550mHz VRAM) can hold 60FPS virtually everywhere aside from in the dreaded city areas - I see drops to the low 40s there.  In CFX, with the aforementioned minimal settings, I see a max of the mid 50s, with drops into the teens or 20s in city areas.


I'm not the only one having this problem.  We've had several driver updates now - and we still do see some flickering in some areas, an issue which has now been dropped from the "Known Issues" l


So what gives? Do I need to do an .ini tweak somewhere? Is there something that needs to be changed from the default setting in Crimson?  Seriously - I don't believe you guys can have dropped the ball that badly, or care that much about a (frankly meaningless, and completely un-trumpeted) marketing check box that this could be intentional.


Does anyone have good CFX performance?