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Opinions needed on a situation with FPS

Question asked by cgpricethird on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by kingfish

Just upgraded my entire PC over to an AMD type system, the following specs are:

750Watt ThermalTake Toughpower PSU

MSI 990FXA Gaming Motherboard

AMD 8370 4.0GHz 8 Core (Factory speed)

MSI R9 390X 8GB Graphics Card

8GB Kingston Brand Ram (1333Mhz)


My primary focus is Elder Scrolls Online but it seems as even if it goes into Ultra it stays at 40-50 FPS just in a low populated area even when no players are around.

Here is the funny thing, this replaced an I7 2600 (To those who are going to yell get an Intel) which performs the same way.

Another focus of mine for the eight core was Fallout 4 which runs like utter garbage under all settings even low.  Same results with I7 2600 partnered with a GTX 950.  I also noticed a lot of micro stutter with this various set up, not so much with the R9, however, curiously more I get even worse results when I partner it up with my I7 2600 (Could be a motherboard issue - Intel DPBG67 which has some incompatibilities with Radeon cards).

I did just recently reinstall Windows completely, so I have yet to retry these games.  In case I get continued results, what are your guys suggestions for this issue? 

I know for certain I will be getting a Corsair PSU 850Watt as I don't feel comfortable with the Thermaltake.  But I have exhausted ALL options at this rate.


Note:  I do use a shitty Emerson LED TV as a display with HDMI but I don't know if this could or result in a FPS issue.