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Really AMD the last 4 new game releases there is some kind of issue!!! The Division Flashes!

Question asked by sinster on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by yeehaw

Driver 15.11, 15.12, 16.1, 16.1.1, and 16.2.1 all failed to correct anything.


Issues with one or more of the last driver release.

Just Cause 3 corrupted textures.

Can't control Crossfire in games I want them to run or disable it for games I don't want to run Crossfire.

Rise of Tomb Raider flashes.

Rainbow Six: Siege when in Crossfire corrupted texture

The Division looks like absolute crap and get flashing throughout.


How about you fix your drivers and stop losing out to NVidia and Intel (CPU)..

Just uploaded not sure if it's in HD yet.

I have one of Rise of Tomb Raider that shows a Still Picture that's bleeding through.


The Division - YouTube