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    r9 380 not working to its full capability.


      please help i got my new sapphire r9 380 4gb model, and i put it in my system which has a i5 2500k, i got all the drivers, but when i play games i dont get the full fps that i should for exampl in cs go i get like 150fps max on 1080 max with no anti-aliasing disabled when others get 200+ with the same components. that really annoyed me, so i checked the usage of my cpu which was fine the most it got to is 80% and floated around 60%. but my gpu was fully maxed out at 99% and idk why. can anyone help please.

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          You did not provide much information, but please try updating to Crimson 16.3 which was released yesterday and see if that resolves your issue.

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            The latest drivers are installed, more information about my PC below, but still it lacks in games i tested it out on BF4 and it only gets around 30fps or less, on 64 player servers, which should be alot more because videos of people with the exact same set up and the same setting on bf4, get around 60+

            - sapphire r9 380 4gb

            - windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

            - latest drivers for amd

            - HP pavilion 23xi ips monitor 1080p and i use a hdmi port

            - motherboard Asus P8Z68-V GEN3

            - cpu i5 2500k 3.3ghz

            - psu EVGA 600w white

            - ram 8gb 1600mhz

            Could you help?

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              There are some settings you can check > AMD graphics performance

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                Try uninstalling crimson drivers then use DDU- display driver uninstaller to clear out any risidual files or settings that may remain, backup/download any amd chipset drivers or amd related software that you may have installed beforehand since ddu will most likely remove some of those too, then install the new crimson 16.3 beta drivers and toggle off the newly added power efficiency option, this will force your gpu to always run at 100% even when the game doesnt really need that much horsepower (the downside - your gpu will be running hotter and eating more power even when your only playing something like minecraft). on rare cases it will also solve some fps spiking problems on some games, check if you have vsync turned on in radeon settings and in game and turn it off but if you do want to use vsync if your having screen tearing issues try to use tripple buffering if possible, if its not available you could try using something like Radeon Pro which is a 3rd party software that you could use to force tripple buffering on d3d and not just OpenGL(the option for tripple buffering in RadeonPro is called flip queu size, set it to 1).

                On BF4 try using Mantle Api and see if it improves your fps, also might wanna check any software you have installed that may affect you performance like raptr, try disabling them one at a time and see which if any has an impact on your fps and even though this may sound weird try closing all running browswers like chrome and firefox while playing and see what it does to your fps since ived seen some cases where some plugins had an impact on my framerate. Also check that tour system is clean by doing a full scan with malwarebytes and your AV of choice which might help by removing any unwanted software.

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                  I've tried everything that you guys have recommended, which i appreciate a lot. but nothing have chamged. i dont know why could it be a hardware fault?