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R9 390 dual monitors won't work

Question asked by drekey on Mar 8, 2016
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My current system specs are:


  • SO: Win 10
  • CPU: i7-6700
  • RAM: 16gb ddr4 2133mhz
  • MB: MSI Z170-a pro
  • PSU: Corsair TX750w
  • and obviously GPU: XFX R9 390 DD


The GPU works well enough with one monitor, but a few minutes(3 ~5 min) after I connect 2 monitors and start playing a game or something, they start losing signal and turning off intermittently until I disconnect one of them from the DVI-D port. (Doesn't matter which one)


More info that might be relevant:

I've used this two monitors on my old system with an ASUS R9 290, they work fine.

Both monitors are exactly the same. They have 1080p and about 60mhz

They are both VGA monitors and I'm using this active adapter VGA to DVI-D to connect them to the GPU.

When connected alone, both monitors/converters/cables work fine.

I have installed the 16.11 windows hotfix drivers.


I've scoured the internet for the last 5 days(I've built the system Friday night) and can't find my exact situation. Today I found something about a memory jump to 1500 when connected to 2 monitors, but I wasn't able to test if that's the case yet.


If that's my case what would be my correct course of action? Drives? RMA the GPU? Is there something I could test or do to try to solve this? Is this a known issue?


I've been an AMD user for various reasons for almost 18 years this is the first real problem I have with a GPU.