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    Sample Code for 10 Bit Color Depth Display


      Summary: Looking for sample code for 10 bit color depth display


      Hi, I am a beginner in graphics.


      I would like to write a 10 bit color depth display program for Windows 10 64 bit application.


      I referred to this page and downloaded the SDK for AMD FirePro.



      Somehow the sample code in 'main.cpp' in the folder [samples]-[wgl-10bit] looks different to the sample codes written in the '10-bit.pdf' in [samples]-[wgl-10bit]-[doc].

      I hope someone would not mind enlightening me with a sample code written in the '10-bit.pdf' or other sources available.


      I tried some part of the code written in the '10-bit.pdf' but was not successful. I wrote an application which is able to draw from 0-1023 bit in grayscale, with adjustable grayscale level.

      However, I was only able to display the image in 8-bit color depth. The change was onbly visible when I incremented the grayscale by 4 bit.

      I am wondering whether I used the suitable color format and therefore would like to have a look of the suggested sample code.


      Below is the specification which I used for my developed application.



      CPU: Dell OptiPlex 980

      Monitor: EIZO GX540 (using Display Port Interface)

      Graphic Board: FirePro W4100



      OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

      Graphic Board Driver Package Version: 15.201.2401-151104a-296716c-Retail_End_User (with 10 bit pixel format support enabled)

      Open GL Version:


      Thank you in advance.

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            To use 10 bits you first need to activate the feature in the driver settings.

            Then you need to require a 10bits pixel format from windows

            ChoosePixelFormat function (Windows)

              pfd.nSize           = sizeof(PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR);

              pfd.nVersion        = 1;

              pfd.dwFlags         = PFD_DRAW_TO_WINDOW | PFD_SUPPORT_OPENGL  | PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER  ;

              pfd.iPixelType      = PFD_TYPE_RGBA;

              pfd.cColorBits      = 32;

              pfd.cRedBits        = Need10Bits?10:8;

              pfd.cRedShift       = 0;

              pfd.cGreenBits      = Need10Bits?10:8;

              pfd.cGreenShift     = 0;

              pfd.cBlueBits       = Need10Bits?10:8;

              pfd.cBlueShift      = 0;

              pfd.cAlphaBits      = Need10Bits?2:8;

              pfd.cAlphaShift     = 0;

              pfd.cAccumBits      = 0;

              pfd.cAccumRedBits   = 0;

              pfd.cAccumGreenBits = 0;

              pfd.cAccumBlueBits  = 0;

              pfd.cAccumAlphaBits = 0;

              pfd.cDepthBits      = 24;

              pfd.cStencilBits    = 8;

              pfd.cAuxBuffers     = 0;

              pfd.iLayerType      = PFD_MAIN_PLANE;

              pfd.bReserved       = 0;

              pfd.dwLayerMask     = 0;

              pfd.dwVisibleMask   = 0;

              pfd.dwDamageMask    = 0;


            At this stage you can check if the pixel format returned by ChoosePixelFormat is a 10 bits one.

            If not it means your card doesn't support it


            10 bits is only supported on FirePro (and the new RadeonPro) brand.