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Strange Performance with Morphological Filtering

Question asked by gamelounge78 on Mar 7, 2016

I have two R7 260X CrossFireX and use Open Broadcaster Studio to broadcast to a streaming site like Twitch or Hitbox.  I enabled the MFAA (Morphological Filtering while streaming Grandia II: Anniversary Edition and I also created a profile for OBS in the Radeon Crimson.  I enabled it for the OBS profile only to realize that the GPU appears to help the x264 with anti-aliased features. 


The game runs really smooth when it is disabled, but there were some stutter in the game only when enabled.  Based on my understanding of MFAA, it uses both the GPU and the CPU for anti-aliasing. 


Here is the game play; notice the micro-stutter after enabling MFAA - The Game Lounge Plays | Grandia II: Anniversary Edition (4 Mar 16 8:30 PM EST) - YouTube


After disabling, the micro-stutter went away and as an example, this is the game I played after disabling the MFAA setting - Gaming Highlights | Tera: 1st Class Flights! - YouTube


Has anyone experienced these issues with the R7 260X or is this possibly a small performance bug?