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    Dual Graphics


      I have a ASUS X555DG with AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics + Radeon™ R8 M350DX Dual Graphics with 2GB DDR3 VRAM Built-in FX-8800P.

      The latest Crimson Driver 16.2.1 Detects the dual graphics as an R5 which is wrong. If I update drivers through Device Manager (Win10x64) it detects and installs R8 correctly but then the Radeon Settings crashes. Is this a Crimson issue?

      Secondly, why is their no information regarding R8 graphics on the AMD site?

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          I'll investigate this for you. Please can you attach a DXDIAG report to your response and include a DXDIAG for each driver revision that changes the name of your graphics card. To be clear I'd like to know the following:


          1. What driver version you are using (16.2.1)
          2. Where you downloaded it from (AMD.com, Windows Update, Dell etc)
          3. The Device ID for the R5 and R8
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              I have since uninstalled the 16.2.1 (from AMD) package which was showing the R5 drivers.

              I have installed 15.12 (from AMD). Once this installed and restarted, Windows Update updated the both the individual drivers for the R7 and the R8. So the drivers are now showing correct.

              The Radeon Settings operates fine except for the Display tab. If I select that the Radeon Settings crashes.

              Disabling Dual Graphics had made a huge performance improvement. Games are now smooth at full resolution, whereas with dual graphics enabled everything stuttered and lagged (Games). I guessing that DX12 is much better at utilizing 2 GPU's


              I'm tempted to uninstall with the help of the DDU and then reinstall 15.12. Will report back if same problems occur.

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              Newbie in AMD Dual Graphics here. I am using an AMD Catalyst Control Center. I always configuring in Advanced view. But it seems I don't see that improvement whenever I play Dota 2. I need your help. Thank you!

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                i have same problem.. i m use Asus X555DG with FX8800P