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8670M + Intel HD 4000 Switchable Graphics FPS problem

Question asked by sidgel on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by sidgel

Laptop Details:

Brand : HP

Model : Pavilion 15-e019tx Notebook

Intel Gfx : Intel HD 4000

AMD Gfx : AMD Radeon 8670M (2GB Version )

Gfx type : Hybrid Switchable

Ram : 4 Gigabytes

Processor : i3-3110M



I've owned this laptop for over an year or two now and I've been using it for both production and gaming. Recently, I updated the AMD drivers from the initial 12.x to the Crimson drivers and since then the performance of my games has been reduced notably. Specially CS GO , the game used to run at 60-70 FPS but now it hardly stays at 30. I tried researching online and used DDU and then installed the Latest Intel HD and AMD Crimson drivers and tried again, the game now plays at 70FPS but only when I'm the only one in the game, as soon as other players show up the fps drops down to 25. I've tried all the drivers from the initial 12.x to 14.x to 15.x and none of them seem to do any good. I'd like to know if any one else as experienced this, and if the answer is yes, would you please help me get my game  back to life?


My thoughts :

I think that the game isn't using the AMD Gpu, but i still doubt it because the control center's monitoring features says that the game is running in High Performance mode. I tried lowering the resolution down all the way to 640 in the game and all setting on low and the same thing happens, I get the 70-80 fps for a few minutes and then back to the 20 FPS.