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Radeon R7 360 is whining and vibrating under load.

Question asked by on Mar 6, 2016
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I recently purchased the R7 360 and it has run perfectly fine until I started playing Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. Now, after playing for about 15 minutes, the GPU begins to whine/vibrate LOUDLY. As soon as I remove the side panel of the case (which has a fan in it) the sound dies down and stops. I can hear the GPU fan slowing down when I remove the panel and it speeds up when I put the panel back on. This is only occurring during play of this one particular game. I played AC: Unity all the way through with no issues just a few months ago.


Is this coil whine or something else? I've never heard a card make a sound like this and it's extremely annoying.


Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.