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    Silent Grizwald



      Completely silent HTPC or limited gaming rig


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      CPUAMD 7870K APU
      CoolerNoctua NH-L12
      MotherboardGigaByte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI
      Memory16GB (2*8GB) Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400MHz
      GraphicsIntegrated on APU
      Disc Drive 1SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB
      Disc Drive 2SanDisk Ultra II 480GB
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUSuper Flower Leadex Platinum 550W
      CaseCorsair Obsidion 250D (replaced front 140mm with 200mm CoolerMaster MegaFlow Fan)
      MonitorASUS PB287Q
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          What I could not add into the description of the system was the following.


          When I say it is silent then I do not mean from a foot or so away, I mean that I have my ear right up to the vent on the case and cannot hear a thing.


          I have to say though that I have the Noctua LNC (Low Noise Adapter) on both of the fans of the cooler and the 200mm fan.


          One caveat, I had to replace the 92mm fan of the cooler for an 80mm Noctua fan because of RAM clearance.


          What is the REAL selling point of the system is the energy use out of the socket of the system which is:


          Off 1.3 Watts

          Idle 36 Watts (Only Windows running after boot)

          OCCT (with AVX) 127 Watts

          Furmark 93.5 Watts

          Prime95 137 Watts

          Prime95+Furmark 142 Watts


          If I load a YouTube video the energy usage goes up to a staggering 44 Watts out of the socket.


          Running VLC with a video comes to 46 Watts.


          Silent, and uses less than a lightbulb in energy - what's not to like?


          Yes the components cost a bit more, but you save back what you have invested relatively quickly.


          In fact, not having to install a separate GPU (which I would have needed to have done if I had used an Intel CPU) I already saved a bunch of money. Also of course, if I had put a GPU into the rig then silence would have been unattainable.


          One thing I meant to add, I have a Low Noise Adapter on the 200mm fan, but even at that it is shunting more air into the system than the 140mm fan going full whack.I also left all the benchmark programs running for at least an hour. There was no thermal throttling during any of the tests.


          Can I play games on the rig? Yes, the games I like to play such as Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, which plays just as fluidly with the same settings as on my main rig, an i7-4790K. So it is a bit more useful with regard to games than simply having to be contented with bejewelled

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            Integrated graphics have come along way