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Virtualised Firepro W7100 driver

Question asked by tdn on Mar 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by berkinkartal

Hi All,


I recently built a photo/video editing rig and bought the W7100 specifically as it offered the best value. My intention was to run this system using unRAID to virtualise my hardware so that both my wife and I could use the system at the same time but independent of each other. The hardware is as follows:


MB:          ASUS Z10PE D16 WS

PSU:          Corsair AX1500i

CPU:          2x Intel Xeon E5 2630V3

Memory:     Kingston 64GB DDR4 ECC Registered RAM (4x16 GB kit)

HDD:           4 x 4TB HGST NAS drives (3 +1 parity) to give 12TB storage

OS drive:     Windows 10 Pro installed in each virtual machine with 100GB allocation from Sandisk 960GB SSD acting as cache drive

GPU:      Asus HD6450 running successfully in 1 VM, installed latest driver via Device Manager and runs a Samsung SC27 inch HD display

               AMD Firepro W7100 passthrough is successful but only works with windows basic driver and can power a Dell UP3216Q at 4K @ 60Hz but performance is awful in benchmarks

               Nvidia 560ti used as display driver for base server


The above system is housed in a dual chamber case which is air cooled and so far has not reached 50C. Each VM has a unique keyboard and mouse assigned and each has 8 core and 16GB RAM and is able to install Windows 10 Pro without any issue. The problem come when I try to use the latest 64 bit Firepro driver, it doesn't matter whether I install it through device manager or as an executable file downloaded from AMD webite, it result in the monitor switching off half way through install and system crashing or if I am lucky it will install completely but when I restart it hangs and gives video tdr failure atikmpag.sys message. I have checked various article and tried most things but still not solved the issue.


I would really appreciate some help, I would hate to ditch the card and buy an Nvidia quadro.