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390x Gygabyte G1 Gaming

Question asked by zombiesnipe on Mar 6, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2016 by byhbkuc

when i start playing Ark Survival i get  10 Fps on high and after a while my computer crashes without a blue screen and it shuts down and restarts. Then i play rainbow six siege i only get 20 fps on high settings. I reinstalled the driver 15.12 and I also tried 16.2.1 hotfix but both didnt seem to work at all. I want to know which is the best driver for this specific graphics card. If it cant be fixed then i would go with a Nvidia GTX 980ti

my pc setup is:


z170a gaming m5

DDR4 3600mhz

1TB WD Black

240gb SSD

240mm water cooler

Windows 10 64bit