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Catalyst CC Does not recognice my Display Port monitor

Question asked by metalromain on Mar 6, 2016


I know this is a common issue, but I can't seem to find the sollution.


For over 3 years I have 2  24" Monitors and 1 TV plugged into my pc.
The 2 Monitors are connected with DVI and The TV trough a Active Display Port Adaptor.

I could open ccc and than select my TV, and 'ADD' a resolution so I could make it a copy of 1 of my monitors in Display settings in WIndows.


For example...  [   2   ]     [  1&3  ]

1=24" moniter
2=24" monitor



Since I'm running Windows 10 it was all working perfectly, But since a month or 2 all of a sudden, ccc  doesn't see my TV (display port) no more.
Windows still knows there is a 3th 'monitor'  but I can not make it a copy or extend it.
It simply says: The Display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings.

Now I know ccc is not the same as it was a year ago, since I can't find the option to alternate the resolution to my TV (3th monitor), but he soesn't see it at all.... can't even select it.


I've checked everything (as far as I know),

*cables, other DP adaptor...

*deinstalling all drivers (in savemode) and reinstalling them.

Nothing seems to work. I've been mumbling and cursing for over a month now... It drives me nuts.


Please know, It all worked perfectly before on this set-up:


2x acer 24" game monitors. (DVI)
1x  40" TV (Display Port to DVI to HDMI)

AMD Radeon HD6900
CCC 15.8
Win 10 with all updates


Could it be it has something to do with Win 10 updates ?


Hope someone can help me out.