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    No Crossfire improvement in Far Cry Primal or XCOM 2 after driver update


      I've now tried updating to 16.2.1 twice, the second time after using Display Driver Uninstaller to remove all traces of previous drivers. However, even though the release notes SAY that a Crossfire profile was included, I have measured NO improvement in frame rates when Crossfire is enabled vs disabled. I have tried using the automatic profile generated when I scan my games, and I've tried manually adding the EXE. I also tried to set it to use the AMD Predefined Profile for crossfire, but was unable to find the Far Cry Primal profile in the list. Any explanation as to why I'm seeing NO improvement? I've verified that Crossfire is working just fine with Fallout 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Additionally, I decided to test Crossfire on XCOM 2, since that was also listed in the release notes (AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Driver ) and that game also has no crossfire improvement and no listing in the predefined profiles (though, to be fair, Fallout 4 doesn't appear either and there is a definite improvement in that game). I'm hoping someone can help me out. So far, none of the listed crossfire profiles seem to exist for me in the new update...