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    broken drivers all of them once you have installed a Crimson driver.


      I again fully un installed drivers cleared out all amd files and installed only the 15.7.1 drivers and not installing the ccc software.


      the Crimson drivers are exactly the same once you have a problem uninstalling drivers does not solve it.


      I set up a game profile in Radeon Pro for Skyrim and turn off crossfire.


      In game what happens is the usage shows on card one only but card two has a higher temp always between 1 and 2 deg higher than card one. This is not normal for my  r9 295x2

      Crossfire off no ccc radeon pro.JPG


      Also notice the fps looking at the sky 56.1 its ridiculous, but card 2 is 2 deg higher.


      just incase afterburner is not correct here is one using radeon pro info


      crossfire off no ccc radeon pro info.JPG


      Even in the menu the second card is higher than card one. again fps 59.3.


      Un installing amd drivers is not working. Something in the Crimson drivers is screwing up windows 10 and you can't get rid of the problem. even going back to older drivers.


      I am going to have to re install windows again, I just did this earlier in the week. I have spent more time the last couple of weeks with AMD drivers than I ever had before with anyone else. Windows 10 and AMD drivers are not working period.


      I won't be installing Crimson Drivers again until AMD come out properly and publicly talk about these drivers as being a failure and actually put the issues that people are having in the notes for the drivers.


      They all should say that crossfire isn't working properly or that clocks are not working properly and that dx 9 games will not work properly in Windows 10. The notes should tell people that un installing won't get rid of issues and that you will have to re install windows every time a driver does not work. As this is the reality. The forums are full of this info. All Crimson drivers should be pulled until a working driver is complete.


      They have been a joke and are wasting peoples time and money. Stop using your paying customers as alpha testers. Or pay us to test your drivers and I'm not talking about beta drivers but your release drivers.


      Crossfire is not working properly in windows 10 at all. It is not enabling or disabling properly, non of the profiles for games work. All directx 9 games suffer compared to Nvidia.

        • Re: broken drivers all of them once you have installed a Crimson driver.

          Here are shots from gpuid with skyrim running in the background using 15.7.1


          Crossfire disable for a profile.


          gpuid crossfire off.JPG

          That's card one notice fan speed is at 26% the power usage.


          gpuid crossfire off nonuse card.JPG

          Card 2 which shows no load but shows higher fan speed, higher temp and more power being consumed.


          To me crossfire just isn't working properly and its all mucked up between cards.


          gpuid usage.JPG


          In this image look at the gpu usage spikes up and down from 0 too 100 no wonder games are stutter, and see the power jumping up and down to at the same point.