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    low framerate in most games


      ok im stuck guys and gals

      i have been testing my computer trying to figure out why my computer is getting real low frames in say arma 3 warframe bf4 ect

      my system is

      amd fx 8320 cooled by h80i aio liquid cooler

      asus sabertooth fx990 sb950

      2x 8gb corsair xms ddr3 1333 pc3 10600 16gb total

      • Timing 9-9-9-24

      2x xfx r9 290x in crossfire mode setup

      500gb samsung ssd os installed on it

      2tb wd hdd everything install on it

      lazer 1000w psu

      only running games in 1920x1080

      os is win 10

      ccc says radeon 16.1.1 but under update it says 15.301


      how ever my wifes computer is not having any troubles with arma 3 warframe or bf4

      shes running

      gigabyte 990fxa uda

      xfx double d hd 7870

      amd fx 6300-6 core not oc

      wd black 1tb

      gskill trident 8gb

      raidmax 1000w psu

      in arma 3 shes getting 45-60

      im getting 10-26 on same setting as hers


      i have done a drive clean install

      i am at a loss of what i should do my twin r9 290x should be great i do know they are hungry cards

      if any ideas on what to do that be great

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          Have you tried using OCCT or similar applet to monitor the CPU frequency, CPU core temp, vcore voltage, etc. while gaming to see if there is an obvious hardware issue? If that looks good you might try removing one GPU card to see how your system performs.

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              tried that as well swapped cards to make sure both cards are adequate to run these games same results tho on card in ccc max is 1500 on memory clock where as the other is 2000 memory clock. would my memory be a bottleneck? and forgot to mention my icons on my desktop are constantly moving around every time i power on or restart the computer. i read that on another forum and they said it may be a driver issue

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              Is she using Windows 10 too, or 7 or 8.1?

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                  yeah she is using win 10 as well

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                      Nah, RAM speed isn't really a factor unless you're using an APU. Power supply isn't something I'd trust with $1000 worth of hardware but it seems adequate enough. Does GPUz say both cards are running at PCIe 2.x x16? What about disabling Windows 10's driver updates and using Display Driver Uninstaller to do a clean installation? What if you create another partition and install (but do NOT activate) Windows 7 or 8 and see if you get the same issue.

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                          GpuZ when i tested them it said they were both in 16x mode i have done a clean install with my display drivers tho now fiddling around with swapping cards something has gone wrong if i put a card in the top pci e slot the screen glitches and has rainbow styled lines going across the screen when i play a game or move the mouse then the screen goes black after a few minuted and i have to reset the computer. now if i put a card in the lower slot everything is normal but if i exit a game the screen is black until i click the mouse button so im going to rma my board hopefully everything goes back to normal tho i will be posting back here after i get a new one