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how can i know if the mxm cable of crossfire working ??

Question asked by ayhoom on Mar 4, 2016

when i changed my old graphics card by new one  i have this problem :

while i playing games there is a ( blue screens (( not the blue screens of windows death )) ) appeared with no error message when only  i tern the crossfire on and there is a video in a link below showing the problem

alianware 18X


System summary for my laptop :

Computer Model : Alienware M18x R1

Power Supply : Alienware 330W AC Adapter

Operating System : English Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (64 BIT)

Optical Drive : 8X DVD+/-RW Dr ive including software

Keyboard : Internal Arabic QWERTY Keyboard

Graphics : Dual 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6900M CrossFireX

Hard Drive : 1TB (2x500GB) Mom entus XT Solid State Hybrid Ra id 0 "Stripe" (7,200rpm) Dual HDD

Software : Facial Recognition

Processor : Intel Core i7 Proc essor 2760QM (2.40Ghz, 6MB, 4C )

Bluetooth : European Dell Wire less 375 Bluetooth Card

Camera : Integrated 3.0 Mega P ixel HD Camera

Display : 18.4in Widescreen Full High Definition (1920X1080) WLED LCD

Resource DVD : Alienware M18x

Wireless : Europe Intel Advanced N-6200 (a/g/n 2x2)

Battery : Primary 12-cell 97W/ HR LI-ION

Memory : 16GB (4X4GB) 1600MHz DDR3 Dual Channel


and this is the video record link showing the problem :


'' type='video/quicktime' width='640' height='496' autoplay='false' kioskmode='false' cache='false' controller='true' loop='false' pluginspage=''> </embed>



note: i tried to record the screen in amd gaming evolved but it's appeared in black so i used my camera to record the problem and upload the video in mesiashere

thanx for your help