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Does AMD Radeon R2 6010 have DirectX 12 for sure? Or any other Radeon R2 series?

Question asked by wolfsdogs on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by tomtalk24

I am having hard time finding the fact answer for my question on my topic since some sites say that it only has DirectX 11.1 and some say DirectX 12. I did see on site for the AMD E1-6010 processor and it say the Radeon R2 that comes with the processor has DirectX 12 but is this a true fact or and error on the site?   Thanks




This is added info I forgot to say but I actually seen sites that say this card has DirectX 11.2 so I' am very confused and would like to know what does this card really have.



If anyone can find out this I would truly appreciate it.