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W8100 on Ubuntu 15.04: Fans not spinning up under load

Question asked by davidpfander on Mar 4, 2016
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I have an AMD FirePro W8100 and I'm trying to get it running with the latest Catalyst Pro (15.201.2401) on Ubuntu 15.04 which is officially supported according to the documentation of the driver. I'm able to get the driver installed and OpenCL is working. However, the fan is not spinning up under load and (therefore?) the OpenCL performance is very bad. The system was freshly installed and the only software on the system is the driver and a Data Mining OpenCL application. What do I have to do to get the automatic fan control working?


Some ideas that might be helpful:

The card is placed in a AMD Kaveri system with brings its integrated card, maybe this is related to having two cards in the system?

Also, I'm not able to perform an "amdconfig --initial" successfully, "aticonfig" complain about the xorg.conf not being correct, even with "amdconfig --initial -f", I'm not able to that make amdconfig create a valid configuration.

Furthermore, I have tried to set the fanspeed to Auto using amdconfig and a pplib-cmd. While the syntax of the command was verified, the command did not execute successfully.


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