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    PSU for XFX 7870




      What is the wattage requirement for XFX 7870?


      I have Intel 3570 2 hard drives and a dvd drive, don't plan to do xfire or add any more components


      Is 500W PSU good enough for this something like




      Thank you

        • Re: PSU for XFX 7870

          Looks like an old model ?(34 amp on 12v rail =(not near 500w).

          Newer models have 40 amp..

          The 500W bronze model is better option(better built).

          Edit: That part no. is the same as newer model(maybe a typo), confirm with ncix if is 40 amp model.

          New edit: Bit more searching, find 34 amp is 430W model. So check with seller.