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AMD + Intel HD Graphics

Question asked by javierabadie on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by groovemerchant

Hi, I have a problem using AMD Graphics (R7 360) + Intel HD Graphics 2500.


I read the new driver and I install with hope of change, but not, the problem persist.

  • A black screen/TDR error may be encountered when booting a  system with Intel + AMD graphics and an HDMI monitor connected


I have 2 monitors and 1 TV, monitor 1 (LG 23" - DVI) and TV (46" - HDMI) are connected to R7 360 and my seccondary monitor 2 (Samsung 19" - VGA) are connected to my onboard Intel HD Graphics 2500 (I5 3330).


I have installed the latest drivers on both case. The problem appear when I try to see a Youtube video on the Samsung monitor and change the screen to monitor LG a black screen issue are prenset.


I'm sorry for the bad english.