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R9 series Capturing issues on OpenGL.

Question asked by zerowalker on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by zerowalker

This is basically a duplicate post i made at Guru3D i made:



Okay i have been looking at this a lot since i got my R9 380, (had 6970 before).

And it has really been a pain as i noticed a lot of games i play use OpenGL.



So for those who aren't familiar with this, what's the problem?



Well apparently there is an issue in either the Architecture or Drivers.

The issue is that if you Capture a fast way like OBS normally do you will get corrupted frames.

Here is a video (Not mine):

I experience the same issue, the Performance is good like what you would expect, but the result is as you can see.



Now the Solution is to do a slower method that i assume all other Software normally use, and with that you will get no artifacts but the performance goes down A Lot.



Borrowing a quote for the solution on OBS MP:

<Osiris> multi-adapter compatibility causes frames to be copied to system memory, hence the lesser performance

Now i have been asking about this, but nobody really seems to mind that the problem is huge. I know the "OpenGL Capture Community" probably is kinda small, but still, the R9 series should be well spread enough.



Now how huge is the Drop, well in Amnesia in the Start Menu, let's say i have 200fps at 1080p, capturing that would go down below 60.



And yes this is not some Codec issue taking performance etc.

Tried many different softwares and it's all the same, it all points to this problem which for some reason is not well known.



I would like to get some kind of Answer from AMD about it, cause even though i know a fix is probably not happening, maybe some faint explanation.



I would love if this could be fixed with a Driver, but looking how many drivers been released and this issue isn't even mentioned at all, i very much doubt it.



Here are two Images to make a comparison of the FPS drop more "easy".

Though it's kinda unfair to do screenshots of it, but it's just to show the deal.



Here is the Video (Heavily compressed cause no reason to waste space):





EDIT: The FPS is misleading cause it counts OBS as well, hence why it flickers to D3D11 at times (check the video).

However the drop is what matters and it's still Huge.