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    R9 series Capturing issues on OpenGL.


      This is basically a duplicate post i made at Guru3D i made: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?p=5239934



      Okay i have been looking at this a lot since i got my R9 380, (had 6970 before).

      And it has really been a pain as i noticed a lot of games i play use OpenGL.



      So for those who aren't familiar with this, what's the problem?



      Well apparently there is an issue in either the Architecture or Drivers.

      The issue is that if you Capture a fast way like OBS normally do you will get corrupted frames.

      Here is a video (Not mine): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dpD0ftaNW0

      I experience the same issue, the Performance is good like what you would expect, but the result is as you can see.



      Now the Solution is to do a slower method that i assume all other Software normally use, and with that you will get no artifacts but the performance goes down A Lot.



      Borrowing a quote for the solution on OBS MP:

      <Osiris> multi-adapter compatibility causes frames to be copied to system memory, hence the lesser performance

      Now i have been asking about this, but nobody really seems to mind that the problem is huge. I know the "OpenGL Capture Community" probably is kinda small, but still, the R9 series should be well spread enough.



      Now how huge is the Drop, well in Amnesia in the Start Menu, let's say i have 200fps at 1080p, capturing that would go down below 60.



      And yes this is not some Codec issue taking performance etc.

      Tried many different softwares and it's all the same, it all points to this problem which for some reason is not well known.



      I would like to get some kind of Answer from AMD about it, cause even though i know a fix is probably not happening, maybe some faint explanation.



      I would love if this could be fixed with a Driver, but looking how many drivers been released and this issue isn't even mentioned at all, i very much doubt it.



      Here are two Images to make a comparison of the FPS drop more "easy".

      Though it's kinda unfair to do screenshots of it, but it's just to show the deal.



      Here is the Video (Heavily compressed cause no reason to waste space): https://fs10n5.sendspace.com/dl/ea5f596ba6dfe46e1d2142bd0214ba5d/56d9324a116e01d9/9iuqsu/2016-03-04%2007-50-30.mkv





      EDIT: The FPS is misleading cause it counts OBS as well, hence why it flickers to D3D11 at times (check the video).

      However the drop is what matters and it's still Huge.

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          zerowalker, I'm also having this problem on my r9 390, specifically, where the FPS are extremely bad (10 - 30 fps lower than actual, with artifacts for Direct3D 11) streaming/recording.  DirectX games running OpenGL capture aree virtually unplayable for me.


          I understand there are lots of variables involved, but like you I've tried many and the result is virtually the same.  Though I've read mention of this elsewhere, I'm beginning to believe this is a flaw of the r9 hardware.


          I'm updated to the latest 16.3 driver and haven't noticed much of any improvement.


          I pray they can fix this with a driver.  OpenGL should be higher priority.


          In recent years (starting 4 years ago) I've strayed from the flock to give red a chance (inaugurated with the HD 7850, great card but I didn't stream/capture with it). It seems to me now that game capture is just not one of AMD's strong suits.  I've tried using Rapt but there's too much bloat in it I can never accomplish exactly what I want without jumping through so many hoops. So I have absolutely no interest in it.  


          I would so hope AMD could work with OBS to improve OpenGL.  Please AMD!  I don't want to go green.


          System specs:

          - i5 6600k (stable overclock at 4800)

          - XFX r9 390 (excellent temps)

          - 16 gb 2300 DDR4

          - asus z170

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              Actually, our problems may be different.

              I don't have Amnesia...the Dark Descent, but using the latest version of OBS Studio 0.13.4 and latest version of Catalyst (16.3.1hotfix), recording Fez (which apparently runs on OpenGL) I didn't notice much of any difference between OBS set to DirectX11 or OpenGL.  Super Meat Boy I tried on OBS OpenGL and it was "uncontrollable".


              Witcher 3 a Direct X game runs and looks better captured in OpenGL than DirectX11.


              Note: I bought Fez from Humble Bundle, so I don't need to run Steam to play it. I found out its Windows version uses OpenGL, so I tested it with most recent OBS ver and Catalyst and it was good - almost exactly as smooth as when playing it.


              I hope you get your issue resolved.

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                  Settings OBS renderer to OpenGL is just a "hack" which you shouldn't do, it's super duper slow on R9  use DirectX11 (Quality should be identical though?)

                  Too capture OpenGL games without artifacts you need to use "multi-adapter compatibility".



                  That will slow down performance A Lot compared to it unchecked, but it's the fastest way to capture OpenGL without artifacts cause of the hardware/drivers.

                  (Sadly it doesn't seem like anyone at AMD is willing to answer this for some reason.


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                I can't believe that I reported this issue at October 2015 and it's not fixed yet!

                Come on AMD.. Fix OpenGL compatibility already so we the users will be able to use apps like we should.

                It even breaks some CSS filters with Firefox which really sucks..

                I regret getting an AMD card tbh..

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                    Oh you did?



                    Well i am with you, i got the R9 380 cause i got a good deal and i thought being the newest GCN it would be very good compared to my 6970.
                    And i just see many random issue, but especially this huge OpenGL thing, i just can't understand why it's not being mentioned anywhere.

                    I mean it's a big thing, their OpenGL driver is sadly crap on these cards, i mean it's never been at DirectX level, but this is a new stage:(


                    And that no one from AMD want to even touch the subject frustrates me.

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                    I was having this problem up to today. But after updating OBS to the latest version and updating my Radeon Drivers I stopped having it.


                    I am using AMD VCE + DirectX 11 Renderer + NV12 709 or 601 color settings.

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                      I contacted one at AMD and this issue is being looked into.

                      If we are lucky they will soon find a solution:)

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                          Have you tried this?


                          Try AMD Crymson 16.5.3 Beta Drivers.

                          with OBS Studio 0.14.2.

                          On Advanced Settings of OBS :

                          Renderer Direct 3D 11

                          Color Format NV12

                          YUV Color Space 601

                          Yuv Color Range Partial


                          Use AMD Video Coding Engine on the OBS Encoder

                          Bitrate around 15000-20000


                          Try playing an open gl game and recording without Multi-Adapter Compatibility option enabled.

                          For me it works perfectly, I can record videos without a single problem and yes, I had the problem of corrupted opengl videos before.

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                              Have tried similar settings, but on this Driver, not same Color Space, as one should use 709.

                              What game are we talking about?
                              Some games seem to work fine with OpenGL, Amnesia is the easiest one for me to show the corruption on.

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                                  Well, I was messing with the OBS color settings to see if it would stop corrupting my OpenGL videos, so I changed it a few and I didn't remember the original option.


                                  I put the lowest one 601 Partial because AMD VCE couldn't handle NV12 with Full 601 or 709. So I went with the lowest one instead.


                                  I have a Radeon R9 380 GPU and Windows 10 64bit, It always gave me corrupted videos when I changed to it. But it stopped giving me since the newest AMD Drivers, I even tested with the old OBS and it didn't corrupt the video at all.


                                  I used to record Zandronum ( OpenGL Doom port with Multiplayer ), so I know it was a OpenGL game and it didn't record correctly before.


                                  Here is a video from february 2016 when I complained on AMD sites and OBS Forum.
                                  2016 02 19 22 44 41 - YouTube


                                  Here is a video I recorded just now :


                                  otarU 2016 05 25 0051 29 - YouTube

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                                    Somehow I uploaded the wrong video, the newest one is this one :

                                    The video was recorded with Partial 709 color settings. So I can use 709 safely.

                                    2016 05 25 01 00 17 - YouTube

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                                        Tried Amnesia, stil have the issue with latest drivers.


                                        Dolphin however doesn't show the issue, however, it seems like OBS skips frames like mad there, i guess the corrupted frames are removed.

                                        And as i don't have high fps it looks very bad.


                                        It May be on Doom that you have very high fps, so even if it removes the bad frames it's still above 60fps.

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                                            I just recorded a video of Amnesia, like I said I have a R9 380 GPU with the newest beta drivers and Windows 10.

                                            NV12 / Partial / 709 settings used.

                                            Amnesia trial recording. - YouTube


                                            And no it's not about having above 60 fps, I always had 240 fps on Doom and it used to corrupt every single video before, now not a single video

                                            gets corrupted.
                                            The corrupted frames don't get removed, they just don't exist anymore on my case and on shavit case.

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                                                I meant that It may be that it Now cuts out the corrupted frames compared to before, so if you have very high fps, and it skips the frames, it looks normal in the recording.
                                                That being said, in Amnesia, it always shows corruption for me compared to other games (they are skipped, there for some reason, before they always showed, ti's weird), and it doesn't for you in Amnesia it looks all fine.


                                                This is very weird, i got the same settings basically, and same driver and card, also same OS.



                                                Try without AMD VCE, try with just utvideo or x264, no need to upload the video, just report back if you have the issue.

                                                It Shouldn't matter at all though as the encoding happens after it's being rendered, but still that's the only thing different between us on this very game.

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                                                    I tried using a x264 encoder and 6000 bitrate, it played with less fps and the video recording was all laggy and skipping scenes, but no corruption.


                                                    I reduced the output resolution to 1280x720 and 2500 bitrate and the video recorded normally, good fps, no frame skipping and no lag, no corruption too.


                                                    Using AMD VCE or Nvidia NVENC is probably the best option unless you are streaming or have a very good processor (  Which I don't ).


                                                    Good luck on getting your problem solved, I think AMD solved mine because I sent them one report every driver update talking about this problem and linking to the OBS Project Issue, so it got solved eventually. Still it's weird that you have the same video card as me and still have the problem...

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                                                        I see, that's so weird..


                                                        Ah well AMD VCE works crap for me, i lose so much FPS that it's far worse than x264, which sucks as i bought the card for it:(

                                                        Glad i'm not alone that tried/trying to get this solved.


                                                        And yeah it makes no sense, you did all those tests, it works, but for me it doesn't.

                                                        And it's the same game, it make no sense whatsoever.


                                                        I know that i sometimes can get no corrupted frames in awhile, but that's usually like max 10 secs i think so that's not it either.

                                                        Hmm, well there must be some difference between our systems that causes it, can't sadly think of anything.

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                                                        Not sure if this is important :

                                                        Here is a screenshot of the AMD Hardware Info on Crimson Driver.


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                                                            The thing that's different there is that my GPU is at 985 mhz (got a Sapphire).

                                                            And also Intel CPU.


                                                            Hmm, i much doubt it's a brand issue cause that makes no sense.

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                                                                Mine is MSI, also I have no fps losses when using VCE. It's the best option for me by far.
                                                                What is your renderer on OBS setting at? You need to use Direct3d 11, OpenGL has heavy fps losses on all options ( x264 and AMD VCE ).

                                                                Even if you use Direct3d 11 Renderer while playing an OpenGL game it will still record and work far better than the OpenGL option that OBS has.


                                                                Well, that's all I could think of, like I said my problem was solved so I am happy, but I understand your pain.

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                                                                    Why the hell am i having all these issues:(


                                                                    If i use a game that have high GPU usage, the recording is basically useless, it drops so many frames.

                                                                    And if i have high fps, it just drops the fps by a large amount in the game, but the recording is often fine.


                                                                    Others seem to also have this issue, thought everyone had it.
                                                                    Are you sure you get No fps drop, on a game with high GPU usage or that at least uses 100% of the GPU to produce the frames (no vsync, no CPU bottleneck)?
                                                                    Direct3D 11, cause as you if i use OpenGL i get very bad performance on everything.


                                                                    At least someones card and features works like normal so that's great:P

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                                                                        Just checked Amnesia, without AMD VCE i get like 140-160fps in the Menu.
                                                                        With AMD VCE i get like 70fps, i use CQP so will try bitrate instead, don't think it will make much difference though as i have messed with this before:(

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                                                                            Oh wait it does, that kinda sucks as i love CQP, makes no sense as i am sure i tried this A Lot before.

                                                                            Well maybe i can get something out of this, would love to get 60fps working.

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                                                                                About what you said, AMD VCE should have its own resources specifically made for encoding so it shouldn't be having problems even if the game uses the gpu a lot.

                                                                                Also Shavit is another user that posted in here that was having problems and isn't anymore, so I guess a lot of people had their problem solved.


                                                                                I hate this forum anti-spam. I am not spamming I just want to reply, needing a moderator to approve my comment randomly doesn't work since moderators are very inactive.

                                                                                why u do this to me amd

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                                                                                Yo sorry for replying late, I was having trouble unlocking the fps because it was locked at 60.


                                                                                Without Recording I have 180 fps on main menu.

                                                                                While recording with AMD VCE I have 165 fps on main menu.


                                                                                I won't even try with x264 because it is very heavy on my CPU and I don't have Intel which is amazing at cpu encoding in realtime.

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                                                                                    Ah yeah the config file, didn't think of that.


                                                                                    Ah, that seems to be the same i get with bitrate and non custom settings basically, though it's weird how bad it looks even at 20mbps with those settings:S


                                                                                    yeah well i got i5 760 at 4ghz, it's impossible to do 60fps, i can do 30fps with superfast preset.

                                                                                    Though i have super high settings on the quality, CRF 16 or something, so the files are usually like 30mbps.

                                                                                    (CRF is great compared to setting a bitrate, so you kinda can't compare the bitrate per say, CQP is the AMD variant of it.)