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What version of APU does this porject support ?

Question asked by bred on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2016 by bred

I am going to buy a hsa platform and I am considering what model should I buy for less unknown problems.

I have seen the wiki says that the Tested Version are ASUS A88X-PRO + AMD A10-7850 APU (KV)
but the ASUS A88X-PRO didn't sell in my zone.

So I am wondering that is it workable if I find any supporting Kaveri or Carrizo chipsets to support AMD A10-7870K or AMD A10-7850K ?
Besides, is the architecture of A10 7870K (Godavari ) the same as Kaveri ?

Are asus A88XME and msi A88XM-E35 V2 recommended? If not, IS there any other product (MB &APU) recommended ?