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Some way to force general eDP output dithering???

Question asked by spcxxx on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by snailking

Is there some way to force in the driver dithering when using 6bit LCD eDP integrated panel?

(so there will be no UGLY gradients)


Manufacturer (Lenovo) doesn't take care long time

and there are many upset owners with unsolved problem.


The `solution` from the manufacturer is just terrible joke and even 100% misleading because 6-bit IPS screens are affected too:



This is bad situation for AMD too, because angry users are switching to Intel based versions (which have dithering enabled with 6bit LCDs) and I doubt that they will be buying more AMD based product in future too


The AMD company today is in the situation where needs loyal customers - so please don't throw them away for good...