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    Graphics card is destroyed


      its been about 2-3 weeks now since the new update fried my graphics card. close to nothing has been done about it. felt like posting another discussion might help. It has gotten worse now, its begun to tear sound during games making them unplayable with sound. im 90% sure my old intel graphics card laptop can run games better now.
      my graphics card was: Radeon r9 270x series

      i dont have a warranty as it was a Christmas gift.

      i have already tried reinstalling and it didnt work.

      ive checked the card manually to see if anything was wrong with the cables.

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          No AMD driver has had a fan control problem except for the very first Crimson drivers which were repaired long before Christmas, so your card isn't fried due to AMD. Christmas gift doesn't matter, they just have to file the warranty report. Given the fact you have yet to provide any kind of detailed specs (motherboard make/model, BIOS version, PSU make/model, RAM make/model, GPU make, OS) or anything you have done to diagnose the issue (Memtest86+, etc...), we can't tell you anything.

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              i dont know a few much about my own stuff cause i kinda threw away the boxes but i know i have a radeon r9 270x. 8 gigabytes of ram. it isnt like its actually fried. more like ever since the update things arent working properly. i have tried to reinstall the drivers multiple times, even downgrade to a past update but it didnt fix it. if you give me some instructions to find out the rest i will do just that.
              bios version is 04.06.05

              MSI Radeon r9 270x