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    8370 black edition will not clock past 4.3


      Hi here is a picture of my specs



      This is the 8370 I just bought for $200.

      AMD FX-8370 with AMD Wraith cooler Vishera 8-Core 4.0 GHz (4.3 GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W FD8370FRHKHBX Desktop Process…


      If pics do not work:

      Windows 7 x64 ultimate

      16gb DDR3-1600 ram (4x4gb)

      MSI 970 Gaming AM3+ mobo (8+2 power phase)

      R9 280x GPU

      FX-8370 Black Edition CPU

      Hyper 212 (Plus/evo idk) cpu cooler (I cannot afford water cooler)

      750w Rosewill Hive PSU (Runs PC/components)

      650w Rosewill Liberator PSU (Dedicated GPU PSU)


      I have all power saving/limiting functions C1E, C6, cool and quiet etc. functions off. I do not use turbo boost. I run most/all settings on manual, currently all voltages on auto because higher = temps near or above 70c

      I bought this CPU with the intent of only going to 4.5-4.6ghz for daily use. Temps are 10-20c lower than my old 965BE @ 3.6


      I just got the mobo for free from my younger brother for christmas, so I upgraded to an 8370 since I wasn't about to go full intel (costly, and to put gift/free mobo to use)

      Any clocks above 4.3 = crashing with Prime95, intelburntest and games may crash (sometimes BSOD) but 4.3 is rock stable... (But isn't this Black edition CPU? Made for OC?)

      I only change multiplier for OC, since changing FSB at all was hard to even boot. The chip will turn on and boot @ 4.4-4.6 but will crash the PC under loads, especially CPU tests. I tried from default voltage 1.408 to 1.58 (.0100-.0500) .03-.04 didn't bring the temps too high... but PC still crashed. All the components have been running good for a while, CPU and Mobo are the only new components.


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          It means you got a chip which just barely made the binning requirements of an 8370. OCability is never guaranteed, which is why lower speed processors are used for OCing. That being said, 200mhz to 4.5ghz isn't going to make any difference in your games, current AMD CPU's IPC capability is horrid, something which Zen will fix by improving 40%. Your more pressing concern should be to dump those two craptastic Newegg brand Chinese Firecrackers and go with a single strong PSU, like a Corsair 750w, and having a dedicated GPU PSU isn't doing anything other than driving up your power bill.

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              Black Edition or "BE" was the old term AMD used for CPUs that had unlocked multipliers. < Doesn't this imply that my CPU is supposed to be able to overclock? It cannot even run 4.4 (.1ghz higher than stock)... I'd rather refund for a better 8370/8350 or w/e... I BOUGHT this to get at least 4.5-4.6 considering everyone on google seems to be able to... but mine can't? FML


              I bought the CPU 2 maybe 3 weeks ago w/ the wraith cooler for 200... now newegg has it for 180$... wtf Anyway. Even the STOCK cooler 8370 cost more ($185) than the one with the wraith cooler... are they putting crappy 8370's with the  wraith cooler???


              I have 2x PSU's because XFX sold me a broke video card (Gen1 r9 280x) which after 2 years of RMA's they replaced with a Gen/Rev9 r9 280x (no probs) ... they initially told me that my 650w could not supply the 280x... so I ended up buying a 750w... But when I bought the GPU XFX had it listed as only needing a 600w psu...

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                  No, an unlocked multiplier means that a processor is -easier- to overclock as you don't have to fiddle with RAM dividers or HT multipliers, it isn't a guarantee. Newegg has a really bad habit of cutting the price on things right after you order them, and their customer service has dropped a long way since they tried to become another Amazon. Not long ago I ordered my Samsung 850 EVO 1TB from them and the price dropped before it even left the warehouse. They refused to pricematch and said I'd have to refuse delivery and reorder. Anyway, you really did just have bad luck, but like I said 200mhz difference isn't going to make any noticeable difference in FPS.


                  And whoever told you a 650w PSU couldn't power a 280X is a moron. My system with a 290X under full gaming loads never broke 500w.

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                All CPUs are speed graded (binned) and then programmed internally for default base frequency. In recent years the overclocking "overhead" has been lowered as the CPU default frequency has increased. Thus there is no guarantee of how much any CPU will O/C. In addition the mobo and DRAM have a significant influence on how much a CPU can be OC'd stable. Many people OC their CPUs but they are not P95 stable at the higher frequencies. In addition there are many BIOS settings that need to be optimized to achieve the maximum CPU OC.


                IME with eight core FX CPUs it took me a month of step by step P95 testing of one BIOS change at a time to find the ideal settings for my FX -8350 model CPUs. More than likely you'll need to fine tune some other BIOS settings to gain a little more frequency with stability. One major concern on 8-core FX CPUs is to find the correct vcore and confirm that the VRM is providing stable power to the CPU without overheating of the CPU or mobo VRM circuit. Programs like OCCT will record the vcore, frequency, CPU temp, etc. which is useful for diagnosing issues. If you are seeing internal CPU temps of 70C with a reliable applet like "Core Temp", "HWiNFO" or "AIDA64", then your CPU is far too hot as AMD specifies 61C as the max user temp. IME mid 60's core temp is where the FX 8-core CPUs start to develop errors, BSOD, reboots, etc. under P95 stressing.


                The Hyper 212 is a decent mid-level HSF but for OC'ing an 8-core FX CPU, you'll need one of the better higher thermal capacity HSF which is cheaper and performs better than any liquid cooler up to the H100 Corsair cooler. If you scroll down at the link below you will see the top (10) AMD HSFs which would all work well for you. The Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 has been tested on CPUs up to 340w with excellent success. More expensive does not necessarily mean better cooling performance. It's best to read the HSF reviews, check case clearances, etc. to be sure these top performing tower coolers will fit in your PC case without issues. Not all model HSFs are available in all locations so you'll need to see what is currently available where you live or shop online.


                Top 5 Heatsink Charts on FrostyTech.com


                Xigmatek AMD Heatsink Temperature Comparisons - SD128264 Aegir FrostyTech Review


                If after checking vcore voltage stability with OCCT or similar, you determine that you need a better quality PSU, Seasonic makes quality PSUs at very competitive prices. Some companies have Seasonic produce their CPU and just add their badge and charge a higher price. Since AMD only recommends a 600w PSU for the FX-9000 series 220w CPUs, and based on many people's firsthand experience, a quality 650w PSU from Seasonic's would be more than enough and provide some reserve capacity for a higher powered CPU/GPU down the road. To read accurate unbiased professional PSU reviews - before you buy - check out the specific model PSU you are interested in at either JonnyGuru.com or Hardware Secrets.com. They determine not only the PSU performance but also if a good design and quality components are used in a specific model PSU. Some companies make one or two high end quality PSUs and also sell a bunch of cheap, price point PSUs sold under the same brand name but manufactured to low performance and quality standards. You simply can not tell the quality of a PSU without proper professional testing.

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                    My mobo is not rated for 200w CPU's so I'm assuming i have to keep my vcore/GHZ below w/e that limit is. @ 4.3 its supposedly 125w? idk...


                    XFX had told me my 650w couldn't power the xfx r9 280x... so I spent 80-90$ (when I was piss broke) on a 750w... but it was actually the GPU remained faulty (Which they replaced last month... 2 years late of back and forth tech support/RMA's)


                    My case top can only hold a 120mm radiator if I went liquid, and vcore 1.488 brought temps to 72-75c which I was really uncomfortable with. Default vcore 1.408 starts @ 22c-36c idle and 45-62c load (Florida is hot) I think my mobo uses 8+2 power phase and runs 2400/2400 HT/NB by default.  Ram is 1600 ddr3 although I think I have to manually set the clocks on mobo as they were reading 11-11-11-xx while they're slated for 9-9-9-xx (idk exact atm)


                    But if I OC CPU even .1ghz to 4.4ghz and leave voltage default it is IBT (intel burn test) and p95 unstable w/ freezing and crashing. If I increase voltage .0100-through-.0400 it becomes slightly more stable but still crashes. I also tried increasing HT/NB to 2600/2600 and increasing NB voltage to 1.2 from 1.132 or w/e.


                    When I read people with 8350's and 8370's hitting 4.6-4.8ghz with 1.36 vcore I wonder wth is up with my PC. If possible I still want to aim for a stable 4.5.

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                        IME there is no way that the CPU is going to be stable with an internal core temp above mid 60's. AMD specifies a maximum 61C for the FX-8370. So the first thing you need to do is get the CPU internal core temp below 61C under full load. Then making the BIOS adjustments should allow some further gains beyond 4.3 GHz. BTW, you don't need a mobo rated for 200w but if the mobo VRM is unable to reliably deliver a considerable amount of power above the default, it's very difficult to increase CPU frequency as the power required increases with both frequency and increased vcore. You might need to add a fan blowing directly on the VRM circuit as a liquid cooler does not blow air across the VRM components like most HSFs do.

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                            I recently got a new GPU EVGA GTX 1080 Extreme, and upon installation my bios crapped out (had to use jumpers) and I'd only get a black screen, no display on new/old card... took 6 hours to figure out problem wasn't the PSU cables but the BIOS... sigh. GOOGLED THIS because I was having issues after "resetting" my bios to obtain a stable 4.4Mhz CPU.


                            Found my own post! HAHA. Oh well. Yeah, 1.448 is the only voltage that gets me a stable 4.4 (higher or lower voltage = crashes/instability) Can boot a 4.5 but totally unstable and higher voltage = poor temperatures (above 60's on load). I just set the BIOS cpu fan monitoring to 60c = max 100% rpm because default it was set to 70c = max... that could have been causing issues. CPU starts off at a nice 30-39c at idle works its way up to 50's and 60's under load.


                            Still wondering what it takes to safely/stable/not overheating clock up to 4.5 (that's what I originally wanted when I bought this cpu!) I was reading someone had a stable 4.7 on 1.41 vcore so that makes me feel kind of robbed by AMD/Newegg... but whatever.