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8370 black edition will not clock past 4.3

Question asked by edgarhighmen on Mar 3, 2016
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Hi here is a picture of my specs

This is the 8370 I just bought for $200.

AMD FX-8370 with AMD Wraith cooler Vishera 8-Core 4.0 GHz (4.3 GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W FD8370FRHKHBX Desktop Process…


If pics do not work:

Windows 7 x64 ultimate

16gb DDR3-1600 ram (4x4gb)

MSI 970 Gaming AM3+ mobo (8+2 power phase)

R9 280x GPU

FX-8370 Black Edition CPU

Hyper 212 (Plus/evo idk) cpu cooler (I cannot afford water cooler)

750w Rosewill Hive PSU (Runs PC/components)

650w Rosewill Liberator PSU (Dedicated GPU PSU)


I have all power saving/limiting functions C1E, C6, cool and quiet etc. functions off. I do not use turbo boost. I run most/all settings on manual, currently all voltages on auto because higher = temps near or above 70c

I bought this CPU with the intent of only going to 4.5-4.6ghz for daily use. Temps are 10-20c lower than my old 965BE @ 3.6


I just got the mobo for free from my younger brother for christmas, so I upgraded to an 8370 since I wasn't about to go full intel (costly, and to put gift/free mobo to use)

Any clocks above 4.3 = crashing with Prime95, intelburntest and games may crash (sometimes BSOD) but 4.3 is rock stable... (But isn't this Black edition CPU? Made for OC?)

I only change multiplier for OC, since changing FSB at all was hard to even boot. The chip will turn on and boot @ 4.4-4.6 but will crash the PC under loads, especially CPU tests. I tried from default voltage 1.408 to 1.58 (.0100-.0500) .03-.04 didn't bring the temps too high... but PC still crashed. All the components have been running good for a while, CPU and Mobo are the only new components.


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