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    Thread stuck in device drive madness!

      • XFX R9 390X 8Gig
      • Desktop PC
      • Windows 10 Pro 64bit
      • Driver used with blue screen is any driver over 15.11.1 beta
      • DVI to HDMI to AOC LED
      • Motherboard = MSI Z170A Gaming M7
      • CPU = Intel Core i7 6700k
      • Power supply = 550w Corsiar
      • Memory = 16gig corisair ddr4

      Describe your issue:

      issue is quite simple, any driver over 15.11.1 will crash with a blue screen of Thread Stuck in device driver. I am on the latest Bios from MSI for this MB (1.B0). This issue occurs with or without Overclocked settings. Prime95 works flawlessly. The system is stable, except for any drivers over 15.11.1 beta. Running 15.11.1 runs flawlessly on any game or any stable overclock.