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AMD 9590 best build

Question asked by on Mar 3, 2016
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Putting together a new build with specs below. Looking at the AMD 9590 but need to know whats the best water cooler to get along with a Radeon R9 or Geforce GTX 900 series. Im looking at the crosshair V formula Z board.



Crosshair V Formula Z Board

AMD 9590 CPU

Radeon R9 300 series or Geforce GTX 900 series In SLI or CrossFire X

32gb Gskill Ripjaw X

XFX 1200 watt PSU

full tower case either thermaltake, coolermaster or Azza

1tb ssd

3 - 4 + HDD 1tb - 3tb per


or anything else people can recommend. I just want to make sure the processor stays cool under heavy gaming but also when doing 3d animation design.