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    crimson drivers breaking HDCP


      I know windows media center is on the way out, but I will continue to use it until I have no other option. I have my HTPC hooked into my receiver, along with my tv.  With this setup I have had nothing but issues in the past with Nvidia, which was why I switched to AMD. No issues with AMD for years until the crimson drivers. Now, when I turn my tv and receiver back on after they have been off, the HDCP handshake appears to fail, so media center gives me a display driver error. Same issue I had years ago with Nvidia, and the only fix is to reset the computer or unplug the computer and plug it back into the receiver.


      This is with an R7 200 series GPU hooked into the receiver via an HDMI cable. Huge deal breaker for me as I have to roll back drivers until this is resolved. Hopefully a fix is in the works.