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Just tested skyrim on two different systems with Windows 10 upto date. One with my GTX 680 ftw 4gb and the other with my r9 295x2. I then swapped the cards over between the two systems. The difference between the two graphics cards is night and day in SKy

Question asked by iainob1 on Mar 2, 2016

Skyrim runs very smoothly on the gtx 680 ftw 4gb and so badly on the r9 295x2. The difference is very clear. I swapped the two graphics between systems too and the result are the same.

The gtx 680 handles directx 9 much better than what the r9 295x2 does in Windows 10. That's with crossfire off and on too.


The r9 295x2 stutters and hitches constantly and is unplayable no matter the drivers used. Post and pre Crimson and Ive tried them all. When the next cell loads there is a pause and a jump. even turning on the spot can cause stutters. It plays badly and this is no mods at all.


The gtx 680 is totally smooth no hitches when the lods or the cells load. The game picks up ultra high in settings were it picks out high using AMD graphics card.


AMD drivers for the r9 295x2 are just not working properly with Windows 10 especially with directx 9 games. and this is on two different systems. They were fine with windows 7 and 8 but its making directx 9 games unplayable with the r9 295x2. Windows 10 drivers really need looking at properly for AMD cards.