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Update on the new Zen FX CPU's Please!

Question asked by neptunus on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by techguy

Hello Beloved AMD Geeks,

I always said it befor and i will still say it, I have always been a AMD and ROG fan and will always be.

AMD been very quiet and slow for a long time now, my beloved father always said: fear the quiet ones. All i have heared and read about the new AMD Zen FX Cpus been only rumors, can someone tell me some rock solid facts about the new AMD Zen FX?

How many cores will the Zen FX CPU have?   ( some say 8 pcs of cores, other say 16, and another 32 cores)

How much will the price tag be on the CPU? (Some rumors said around 500-600 U$D)

When will we see it on the market?

Will there be any AMD Radeon DDR 4 Memory?