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Memory clock maxed out (1450 MHz) at idle when using 144 Hz on monitor, stays at 150 MHz at idle with 120 Hz and lower with Crimson driver 16.2.1

Question asked by fckbutton on Mar 2, 2016

As title says, when monitor is set to 144 Hz the memory clock gets maxed out giving 50 degrees celsius idle temperature. When I lower monitor frequency to 120 Hz the memory clock drops to 150 MHz and 35 degrees celsius at idle. The fan speed is the same (auto, 20 %). I'm running a Sapphire R9 380 4Gb /w backplate, no overclock, on Windows 10. Monitor is BenQ xl2411z connected to GPU via dual-link DVI-D cable to DVI-D slot on GPU. Power settings in windows are set to balanced. Running Crimson driver 16.2.1. It was the same on 16.1.1 hotfix and 16.2. Resolution 1920x1080.


My question is, is it supposed to be this way? I've seen that Nvidia had the same problem with their drivers, but they fixed it, so I guess it's not normal?