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Blue shadows only on the right when there is a white back ground with mobility 3400 and latest drivers as recommended by the software detection program.  Any idea what is causing this?

Question asked by bobcov on Mar 2, 2016

First, why is my forum in a language I don't speak?  Just because I sign on from another country should not put me into another language without offering an option to select another.  That seems to be the default behavior of just about every inconsiderate coder out there these days. Hrumph!


Okay, so my friend's laptop had Vista and now has a fresh Win 7 install and the same problem on this Mobility 3400 gpu.  Whenever the cursor is over a white background, a blue partial outline of the right side of the cursor appears about 2 mm away.  This also happens to the right border of any windows which happen to be drawn next to or on a white background.  I ran the detection utility and installed the latest driver and the problem is still there. 


By the way, I have no idea which section of this board this should go to.