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    Crossfire will not disable in game profiles. It stays on even when set to disabled


      As title says crossfire just will not disable in games. No matter the settings in profiles.


      For me Windows 10 and my r9 295 has been a joke all the drivers just don't work. I have just tested with two systems with win 10 and with the gtx 680ftw 4gb and my r9 295x2. The amount of time I have had to put in testing these shocking drivers is dreadful.


      The gtx 680 just works fully smooth and solid even in skyrim. put the r9 295x2 back in and every driver pre and post Crimson simply runs poorly. Skyrim is unplayable it stutter and freezes that much.


      If it wasn't for needing my gtx 680 in my other pc I would have ditched the AMD card for now until drivers are sorted. I am just going to have to wait it out now until AMD picks up the ball and sorts these Windows 10 issues out.


      Drivers with known issues like fluctuating core clocks simply should not be released until it is eradicated, otherwise what is the point that is a major flaw and a breaking bug not just some minor issue. They should be held back even if they do fix other things.