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    Latest driver for R9 390 unable to display both monitors


      Windows 7 with R9 390


      34" LG monitor attached via DP


      32" Samsung television attached via HDMI


      Since last week at random when I turn on my computer, only my 32" Samsung will display AFTER Windows loads.


      Prior to Windows loading (@ login screen), both screen display at full resolution.


      I would have to shut off the 32" Samsung, which then would cause the 34" LG to display my desktop and become the main display as it should be.


      Then I can turn on my 32" Samsung and both displays will be on without any issues.


      See that there's a new update today, figure I'll update the driver assuming they might fix the issue at hand.




      Now after updating the driver, rebooting, only the 32" Samsung displays. 34" LG goes to sleep.


      Even if I shut off the 32" Samsung, 34" LG stays disconnected / asleep.


      I check the "resolution" settings within Windows, shows both displays but the 34" LG looks like it's "disabled", can't do anything with it.


      I check the displays within AMD Radeon settings, shows only 1 display, the 32" Samsung.


      I go to the back of the desktop and reseat the DP cable (attached to my 34" LG) from the desktop, I can hear the default Windows sound when hardware is unplugged and replugged in.


      Screen doesn't display anything other than entering sleep mode.


      I unplug the HDMI cable (attached to my 32" Samsung), boom.. now my 34" LG displays perfectly fine.


      I plug the 32" Samsung back in via HDMI.. 34" LG goes right back to sleep.


      I remove the driver completely.


      I reboot.


      In Windows both screen are displaying but in lower resolution.


      I install the updated driver directly, reboot, and 34" LG screen goes right back to sleep.


      I believe I'm still under the 30 day return policy.. I'll have to check my newegg receipt but if it is.. I'm going to return this card and go with NVIDIA unless someone has an actual fix for this.


      I don't have time to be messing with this layman's crap. It's one thing to screw around Linux but hardware? Nowadays? Especially GPUs? You've gotta be kidding me, AMD.


      Boasting 6 display setup, can't even handle 2 cot damn displays.