Driver Crash - Far Cry Primal

Discussion created by acpopescu on Mar 2, 2016
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I'm getting constant and reproductible driver hangs on the latest version - 16.2.1 on my Radeon R9 380 Series, with 4GB VRAM on Windows 10 x64 in a easy to repro way. Sometimes the system recovers, sometimes not


Basically when you're up north, near a fire there's a high chance the GPU will hang, even on the lowest graphical settings.


Anyway, I've posted this here since I did manage to get some dumps and a big manual dump for when the game froze, and I hope I can identify what went wrong and why the driver crashed. I'd expect the app to crash if it did something bad


I've attached the dump and the DX DIAG file and an older dump created by the watchdog when it reboots the driver.


The manual triggered crash is accesible here: