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    HDCP Issue - AMD APU - Windows 10 - PowerDVD 15 Ultra




      as far as I concern, I'm not the only one having problems with HDCP-output since upgrading Windows 10.


      Graphicsunit: APU HD8670D

      OS: Windows 10 64Bit

      BD-SW: Cyberlink PowerDVD 15 Ultra

      Driver: Latest Crimson-Software (also tried the Windows 10 CCC - same issue)


      Same configuration under Windows 7 was absolutely fluent. No problems at all. Since Windows 10 Cyberlink BDAdvisor says everything ist fine except graphicsunit.

      So I'm unable to play my Bluraydiscs anymore.

      I reinstalled Windows as "clean" installation. Then installed PowerDVD. Got the latest updates, drivers, patches etc. - still the same problem.


      I also reported the problem to Cyberlink and to Microsoft. But I think it's more a driver-issue.


      There are lots of posts all over the web, where this is discussed, but there seems to be no practicable solution...