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    Missing Crossfire Profiles: Can't Find any of the Newer Profiles


      I'm having a problem finding Crossfire profiles for my newer games. The profiles for, among others, XCOM 2, Fallout 4, and Far Cry Primal are all missing from my


      I decided to update with the most recent driver set.


      First, I did a standard update to 16.2.1 (bringing me to version 15.301.1901).


      No profiles.


      Then I decided to do a full reinstall. So I uninstalled everything then reinstalled it.


      Still no profiles.


      In fact, here's a image of me on the current version looking for them.




      Since there's no option to manually download or troubleshoot them, I'm a bit lost at the moment so I'd very much appreciate some advice on how to proceed or how to fix this because I see nothing on the forum and have had no luck searching on the internet.

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          Not all CrossFire profiles are exposed in Radeon Settings, so this is expected behaviour. You should still be able to add the executable to Radeon Settings and make changes if needed. The games you have mentioned all have a CrossFire profile in Crimson 16.2.1.

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              I have the same issue, as I am not able to see Far Cry Primal, XCOM 2, or Fallout 4 either. Additionally, of those 3, only Fallout 4 shows ANY improvement when running the game with CrossFire enabled. I have two 290X's and I just installed 16.2.1 for the second time, after first running Display Driver Uninstaller to get rid of any traces of the previous AMD drivers. What's more, for damn near every game I've tried this on (including, mostly recently, Far Cry Primal and Fallout 4) not a single one of the override options in the Radeon Settings menu actually WORK. I've tried to force AA, tried to force Aniso Filtering, tried to force Vsync both off AND on...NOTHING. Meanwhile, I've had friends confirm that ALL of those overrides work with their nvidia cards. Cards with the 14nm process are coming, and I'm having a hard time being convinced that my next upgrade shouldn't be back to Team Green...